Trade-Ins and Donations

All sales are final; however, most books may be traded in for store credit.

Credit is only valid toward other used books. Exceptions may apply. Credit is NOT valid toward other types of merchandise. Credit is kept on file at Book Empress Used Books.

Credit is typically 25% of the cover price, although this may vary depending on the item and its condition.

Credit may be redeemed at a rate of half cash/half trade-in credit. For example, to buy a $4 book, you can apply $2 in trade-in credit and must pay $2 in cash, plus tax.

We accept gently used books in most genres. Generally, this means that they should be in the same condition that you’d like in a book you purchase. Books should not be musty/moldy or water-damaged. Ex-library books will likely not be accepted. All books are accepted at the store owner’s discretion.

While we may accept walk-in requests for trade credit for a handful of books, it is recommended that you schedule a time in advance for larger quantities of books. We may request that you leave the books to allow us 24-48 hours to evaluate them.

We will ask you to pick up any books that we do not accept for trade-in credit. If you do not want them regardless, or you do not pick them up after we contact you multiple times, we will donate the unwanted books to find a good home for them, as best as possible.

Book Empress Used Books does accept donations of books; any that cannot be sold will be donated to the best home we can find.